Give us your views on pharmacies in Telford

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Do you live in Telford?

Have you ever been to a pharmacy or chemist in Telford?

Chances are, if you answer yes to the first question you will answer yes to the second!

Our pharmacies are a fantastic resource that all of us will use at some point or another, and some of us more so than others.

All Health and Wellbeing Boards have a legal responsibility to formally review the pharmacy service within their local area and to make sure that there is adequate provision of the range of services that pharmacies provide.

They also look at where pharmacies are, which services are offered by which pharmacies, and where there are any areas for development. This is called a ‘Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment’ (or PNA).

It is really important to us that we try to capture the views of Telford residents about their pharmacies, so we have created a quick survey to help.

If you could spare the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us we can use this feedback to make sure we are helping residents as best as we can.

Complete the Pharmacy Needs Assessment survey

You will also find paper copies of this survey in your local GP surgery and at pharmacies, if you would prefer to fill out a paper version.

If you would like an accessible copy of the survey, please contact Telford & Wrekin CCG on 01952580300.

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